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Members On Their Own






Leader: Eileen Gibbs.
Relaunched June 2023:
Eileen Gibbs has come forward to be the new Group Leader to relaunch this group. Her initial idea is this could be a way of pairing up members who want to go on a holiday (especially a cruise) but have no-one to go with and don't want to go by themselves.
There is no reason why it should stop here however - for example it could pair up members who want companions to go to any event or visit be it a trip to the theatre or cinema or simply a shopping trip. If you think this may be for you please contact Eileen via the Contacts tab in the margin to send an email via Lea Valley's account (lvu3a@live.co.uk), or her details can be found in copies of the Newsletter available at main meetings, or ones which have been emailed to members.



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