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Leader: Sybil Hammond                         

The origins of the game of Mah-Jong seem to be based on a Chinese form of dominos and a card game similar to rummy. It is played with 144 tiles traditionally made of ivory or bone, backed with bamboo. Cheaper sets are available in plastic.

A set comprises 3 suits: bamboos, characters, and circles numbered 1 to 9, plus the four winds, North, East, South & West and red, green & white dragons. There are four of each of these tiles and the set is completed with 4 flowers and 4 seasons. Some of the older sets are beautifully engraved and colourful.

In its simplest form players have to collect three of a kind (pungs) or three in a row (chows), as in rummy. Having mastered this there are special hands to be collected, but whether beginner or experienced player it provides a mental exercise with a lot of fun.

[PS:- We do not gamble but play for points!!!]

Meetings are every Tuesday morning 10:00 to 12:30 at Nazeing Congregational Church Hall.

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