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Exploring London Group 1


Leader :- Audrey Rowntree

Agenda & Membership:- Shirley Roos

Treasurer:- Tony Pearman

The Group does not have a table at the Monday meetings, but its members meet on the first Friday of every month at 10am at Bollescroft to plan and finalise arrangements for forthcoming visits.

Exploring London, now Exploring London Group 1, was one of the first groups to be formed when the Lea Valley U3A was set up in 1992.  Around 30 members led by Judy Lorimer decided to hold regular planning meetings and this still continues today, no doubt contributing to the success of the group.  Meetings are held in Bollescroft on the first Friday of each month, giving everyone an opportunity to offer ideas and volunteer to organise trips.  This is usually followed by coffee and a chance to socialise.  

Trips are varied and include museums, galleries, Trade Halls, organised walks, and even Festival Hall concerts.  Over the years we have visited all the main attractions in the capital, however, members are very resourceful and are always finding unexplored places.  Some of the early members are still active and enjoy making return visits to old favourites.

Public transport is used wherever possible, an exception being the summer outing which is by coach.  On this occasion we are often joined by guests and past members.  Everyone agrees that "Exploring London 1" offers a worthwhile experience both educationally and socially.

Exploring London Group 1 Members bring their 2019 Year to a close with Christmas Lunch at the Manor of Groves Golf Club in High Wych.

In the months before the December Lunch, the Group enjoyed an active Autumn in 2019 with a visit to the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, a walk following the route of the original Roman Wall and a backstage tour of the National Theatre.

Early 2020 sees us focusing on Waltham Abbey, with an illustrated talk on the Abbey’s history in January and a guided tour around the building itself and the Museum in February.

Beyond those outings, plans are in hand for a visit to the Guildhall, to the Brunel Museum and for walk around the regenerated King’s Cross/St. Pancras area.

We’re always ready to welcome new members, so if you’d like to visit interesting places in London that you’d probably never go to on your own, and in the company of friendly people, come and join us.

Please contact our Group Leader or come to our monthly meeting in Bollescroft on the first Friday of the month at 10 am. If you don't have contact information from another source, please click on the "CONTACTS" link towards the top left of this page, and from there follow the instructions in the left margin to make contact.

For the current programme of events/meetings please click on the News button to view the latest Newsletter.



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